Buy beats online and invest in your career! – RapBeats Review - buy beats!Why should I buy beats?

Today building your brand as an artist is more important than ever. The music industry has changed its business modell and even big artists like 50 Cent are constantly releasing new free tracks for their fanbase.

These artists understood that their music is a tool to BRAND THEMSELVE!

I can give you a example:

The artists that are buying beats from us are BRANDING THEMSELVES in different ways to create multiple income streams!

Below are some methods explained how artists are making money from multiple streams.

Therefore it doesn’t matter if they print their songs on CD and sell 2000 copies on the streets out of their trunk or sell 7000 as digital units released in Itunes – they are doing much more than selling music – they are building their BRAND AS AN PROFESSIONAL ARTIST!

Here’s a given example:

One artist created a youtube video with a Pianoholic beat that contains ads which make them constantly revenue for a lifetime and they have a visual tool to brand themselves.

Lets say this artists wears his own merchandise, a shirt with his logo in this video and his fans are buying these shirts to show their support – this is besides the strong branding effect another revenue stream to profit from this investment.

After this video gained some views it serves as reputation and this artist gets booked for gigs in their local area and profit again, he’s getting paid for this gig, gets new fans to whom he can sell directly merchandise and his music etc etc….

We have one customer who invested 100 $ for Pianoholic beats and cashed out in return with revenues from all these opportunities above 23000 $ !!! within 5 months.

These artists who have this mindset are the ones that we prefer the most when it comes to music because they understood the principles of marketing and business side of the new music industry.

They are not depending anymore on the major lables as they have the tools and the power to establish themselves on their own – thanks to the social media channels like youtube, twitter and facebook!

So what are you waiting for? Are you willing to bring your career to the next level? Are you sure that you

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